Customer Support

At Wagner Portrait Group we pride ourselves with our excellent customer support. Never hesitate to call our office nearest you and one of our trained receptionists will gladly help you. Whether you need to order, correct an order, check your order status, or just ask us a question, jump to our Locations page for our number and give us a call.

Schedule Senior Sesson

Scheduling your next appiontment with Wagner Portrait Group has never been easier. Just click on the link to schedule your senior portrait session.

Wrong Pictures

Oh no. You've received the wrong pictures. No matter what the problem is Wagner Portrait Group will go out of our way to provide a solution and make you happy. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority so please call us and we'll help you get the pictures you wanted.

Remember all of our numbers are listed on the Locations page. When you call please have the digital insert that came with your pictures ready so we can help you as fast as possible. The digital insert has information that we need inorder to help process your request more efficiently.

Contact Support

If you've read the FAQs and your question doesn't fall under any of the other two sections on the left of this page then you've come to the right spot. Please email with your questions and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.