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Who We Are

Wagner Portrait Group is a locally-owned family business that operates in the Midwest. Wagner provides school and sports photography and yearbook solutions to hundreds of K-12 schools and youth sports leagues across the Midwest. We pride ourselves in specifically designing programs, meeting special requests, and fulfilling school-wide and individual customer needs. Wagner Portrait Group is proud to be celebrating over 50 years of serving schools as the largest independent photography company in the Midwest!

The Wagner Family

Founded in 1974 by Hal & Mary Ellen Wagner, Wagner Portrait Group is now led by the family’s second generation: Penny, Heidi and Chip Wagner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a superior image with an exceptional experience, dedicated to the unique needs of our customer and their entire community.

#WagnerWay Values

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in being SMART, constantly seeking knowledge and innovative solutions to challenges. EMPATHY is at the heart of our interactions, as we understand and connect with the feelings and needs of customers. RESPECT is the foundation of our relationships, treating everyone with dignity and consideration. We uphold VALOR, showing courage and determination in the face of adversity. Our INTEGRITY is unwavering, as we consistently uphold honesty and ethical behavior. We are fiercely CUSTOMER-FOCUSED, dedicated to understanding and surpassing expectations. Through EMPOWERMENT, we enable everyone to reach their potential and make impactful decisions. This is #WagnerWay - where these values come to life.

School Photographers of America

School Photographers of America was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic when the entire US closed. On March 26th, 2020 – ten companies shared this vision and founded what we know today as School Photographers of America or SPOA.  In a period of one of our country’s most trying times, these leaders and their staff rallied to build an organization that protected the copyright law for pictures and the national awareness of our industry.  School photography has been a staple for schools and parents across the United States for generations.  School pictures are used every day for student safety through products like ID Cards, safety cards, digital directories and urgent safety initiatives like Amber Alerts.  In addition, other industries rely on school photography for the creation of their products such as yearbooks, administration software, online learning and many more.  School photography plays an integral part in all US public and private schools.

Community Support

We believe in giving back to our community and supporting the organizations and foundations that make St. Louis such a great place. Here are a few of our most notable partners.

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