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Ordering your Student's Underclass Photos
  • Pre-ordering will be open starting a week or two prior to the photos being taken. This information is shared with the school and Wagner will be sharing the information by email and text message. Pre-orders are shipped directly to the school in bulk so there is no shipping fee for these orders. In addition, we offer pre-order prices!

  • Pre-ordering will remain turned on after the pictures are taken for a limited time.

    For Fall, pre-ordering will remain on for 48 hours after pictures are taken. For Spring, pre-ordering will remain on for 24 hours after pictures are taken. Free shipping and bonus pricing will still apply to these orders.

  • Once pre-ordering has ended (48 hours after pictures are taken in the fall and 24 hours after in the spring) the online store will close for production. During production photos will be uploaded, cropped, rendered, and sent to the lab to print all pre-orders. Production lasts for 2-3 weeks during which photos are not available for purchase.

  • Once all the pre-orders have been printed, they will ship in bulk directly to the school. For a select number of schools, the pre-orders are shipped to the student's home. The pre-order photos will arrive at the school for distribution 5-7 business days after they have shipped.

  • Once the pre-orders have been shipped, the online store will turn back on and all parents who did not order will receive a text message and email with a proof photo of their student and a unique student password/link. This will allow them to view their photos and place a post order.

    Please Note: All post picture day orders will be shipped to the home address listed on the order.

Understanding the Picture Ordering Timeline
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